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DNI Members Honored for Contributions to Ceramic Technical Literature

DNI’s Michel Barsoum (A.W. Grosvenor and Distinguished Professor) and Yury Gogotsi (Distinguished University Professor and Trustee Chair), along with alumnus Volker Presser and students Michael Naguib, Olha Mashtalir and Joshua Carle, have been named the winners of the 2013 American Ceramic Society Ross Coffin Purdy Award.

The award, which will be presented in October at the Materials Science and Technology Conference in Montréal, Canada, recognizes researchers “judged to have made the most valuable contribution to ceramic technical literature.” The ACerS board unanimously agreed to grant the honor for the group’s paper titled “Two-Dimensional Transition Metal Carbides.” The paper was the first to describe a facile method to produce a large family of two-dimensional layered, early transition metal carbides and nitrides, discovered at Drexel and named MXenes.

The DNI authors will share the award with collaborators Jun Lu and Lars Hultman from Linkoping University, Sweden.

Update: photo from awards presentation

Ross Coffin Purdy Award Winners

President of the American Ceramic Society Richard Brow (left) with Ross Coffin Purdy Award Winners (left to right) Dr. Michel Barsoum; Dr. Yury Gogotsi; Olha Mashtalir; Michael Naguib

DNI Hosts Japan Society for the Promotion of Science Seminar

The AJ Drexel Nanotechnology Institute hosted representatives from the Japan Society for the Promotion of Science at Drexel University on Friday, April 26, in a seminar highlighting JSPS’s fellowships and programs for graduate students, postdocs, and faculty members.

The speakers were welcomed by Drexel’s Vice Provost for Global Initiatives Dr. Julie Mostov, followed by DNI Director Dr. Yury Gogotsi, who is a former JSPS fellow. JSPS Director Osamu Shimomura then introduced Deputy Director Fumiyo Kaneko, who discussed the Society’s fellowship and research collaboration programs. Students and faculty members from across Drexel were in attendance.

The event was co-sponsored by the Office of International Programs, the Office of Research, and the College of Engineering.

Information on JSPS Fellowships for US Researchers and information about research collaborations are available at

JSPS at Drexel (2 of 2)

JSPS Director Osamu Shimomura

JSPS at Drexel (1 of 2)

JSPS Deputy Director Fumiyo Kaneko


PA Regional Nanotechnology for Energy Conference 2013

PA Regional Nanotechnology for Energy Conference 2013

PA Regional Nanotechnology for Energy Conference 2013

The A.J. Drexel Nanomaterials Institute hosted the 2013 Pennsylvania Regional Nanotechnology for Energy Conference on May 23. A joint effort with the Lehigh University Nanotech Network, the 2013 conference focused on the theme “Strategic Priorities for Energy and Sustainability.”

Topics of discussion included materials for energy generation and storage, the role of the chemical industry in energy research, the future of energy materials research and education and challenges and opportunities of shale gas. Attendees had the opportunity to network with academia, industry and state representatives. A full agenda is presented below. Watch your inbox this coming fall for news about the 2014 Pennsylvania Regional Nanotechnology Conference, to be held at Lehigh University!

PA Regional Nanotechnology for Energy Conference 2013
Strategic Priorities for Energy and Sustainability

Thursday, May 23, 2013
Drexel University Edmund D. Bossone Research Center

Bossone Lobby/Atrium

9:30 AM       Sponsor Registration and exhibit setup
10:30 AM       General Registration and networking/light breakfast

Bossone Atrium

10:45 AM       Welcome & Introductions
11:00AM        Presentation: Energy generation storage & distribution
11:30 AM       Presentation: Solar renewable energy

  • Jason Baxter, Drexel University

12:00 PM        Panel: New technologies in electrical energy storage

  • Joe Elabd, Drexel University; Jim Gormley, LithChem; Sanjay Deshpande. Moderator: Steve Vechy

12:45 PM        Lunch/Poster Session
1:30 PM          Lunch/Panel: Challenges and opportunities in shale gas research. How can we become involved?

  • Matt Yeager, PPL EnergyPlus; John Palamara, Air Products; Richard Cairncross, Drexel University; Hugo Caram, Lehigh University. Moderator: Yury Gogotsi

Mitchell Auditorium

2:15 PM          Keynote Presentation

  • Scott Livingston, Livingston Securities

3:00PM           Panel: Role of chemical industry in energy research

  • Jon Caspar, DuPont; Steve Auvil, Charles Coe (Air Products, ret’d). Moderator: Gene Lucadamo

3:45 PM          Panel: Future of innovative energy materials research in education/academia)

  • Anthony Lowman, Rowan University; Cherie Kagan, University of Pennsylvania; Nick Strandwitz, Lehigh University. Moderator: Jason Baxter

4:30 PM          Closing Remarks

Bossone Lobby

4:45 PM         Reception

2013 DNI Calendars Available

The 2013 DNI Calendar is now available!

Click here for the PDF version of the 2013 DNI calendar, or email us if you’d like a print version.