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MESC-8 Students Graduate in Amiens

The Erasmus Mundus Materials for Energy Storage and Conversion (MESC) program is a two-year degree program in Materials Science and Chemical Engineering. It consists of three semesters of classes plus one semester for a Master thesis in a research laboratory in Europe, China or the U.S. Throughout the course of the program, students rotate among seven partner universities: University of Picardie Jules Verne (France); Paul Sabatier University (France); Aix-Marseille University (France); University of Cordoba (Spain), Warsaw University of Technology (Poland); Xiamen University (China); and Drexel University. Each year, a number of students from the MESC program opt to perform their thesis research at Drexel; you can read more about this program here.

Drexel University was well represented at the graduation of the 8th MESC class in Amiens, France, which included four students who did their thesis research at Drexel. DNI congratulates the MESC-8 students on their graduation and looks forward to hosting future MESC students.

Read more about the 2013 graduating class at