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Article Published by Northwestern Polytechnic University

Our colleagues at Northwestern Polytechnic University have published a nice article regarding our joint NOMAD project meeting visit to Xi’an. This is alma mater of our doctoral student Evelyn Ren.  Read more here:

Drexel in Worldwide Top 100 List for Patents

The Drexel Nanomaterials Institute is one of Drexel’s top patent producers.  Read the full story here.

DNI at TechConnect Conference

Prof. Yury Gogotsi gives an invited talk at the TechConnect conference in Washington, DC, today. To view more about the conference, please visit: ttp://

New Discoveries

MXenes, a new family of materials discovered at DNI, have potential applications in energy storage, composites, sensors, and flexible electronics

Community Outreach

DNI oversees nano-focused programs & materials for university and high school students and teachers, as well as for the general public

Educational Leadership

Shaping the future of nanomaterials education through participation in international programs, conferences, and leadership within the university