MES S680: Biotechnology and Industry in China

The high-technology industry in China is in the news a lot these days, but do you ever wonder what it’s really like? Find out this September 2018 by taking the special topics course BMES S680: Biotechnology and Industry in China, a one-week, 3-credit ‘intensive course abroad’ in Shanghai that will run during fall break, Sept. 14-22, 2018 (syllabus attached). Taught by DNI affiliated professor, Dr. Kara Spiller (Drexel BIOMED), who lived in Shanghai for a year and who speaks enough Mandarian Chinese that she won’t get you lost during daily activities, features visits to start-up biotechnology companies, large biotech companies like GSK and Amgen, and translational research laboratories in and outside of Shanghai, as well as social activities with ample opportunity to interact with Chinese students studying biomedical sciences and entrepeneurship at Shanghai Jiao Tong University and ShanghaiTech University.

More information, including a tentative itinerary and course fees, can be found here:

This course is open to graduate students and rising seniors of all programs, especially those with backgrounds in biomedical sciences and/or business. Applications are due May 1.