MXenes Featured in Journal of Laboratory Automation

DNI begins 2014 in strong fashion, with the Institute’s MXene research being honored as one of the ten best research breakthroughs of 2013 by the Journal of Laboratory Automation.

JALA highlights the top ten research breakthroughs among numerous fields (automation, microfluidics, nanotechnology, etc) that will impact basic and translational research across sectors. This year, MXenes were featured as “A New Generation of Materials” with enormous potential:

Although graphene remains in the news as a 2D carbon material that holds incredible promise in a wide range of applications, MXenes could also prove to be highly transformative, particularly in the development of lighter, faster, cheaper, and more efficient energy-storage devices…the authors demonstrated the successful delamination of MXenes into paper-like, single-layer MXene flakes. Most exciting was the ability of these delaminated MXene flakes to have greater capacitive uptake of Li ions, demonstrating the potential of MXenes in the area of Li-ion battery development. Further refinement of the intercalation and delamination of MXenes should allow for the use of thin, single-layer MXene sheets in a wide range of commercial applications.

To read the complete JALA editorial, click here. The original Nature Communications paper on MXenes is available here.